As all-flash storage becomes the 'new normal' for business critical applications, preventing downtime and protecting data and information life cycle management is even more critical. But data protection is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Within this site, you’ll find information on the best of HPE Storage availability, protection and retention solutions, to help you keep up-to-date with all the latest developments.


Application Availability

Assure Applications are Always On
Recovery Time Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RTO) help maintain continuous application usability - and assure productive users and happy customers.

Our broad range of data storage software options support RPO and RTO, and integrate with application-specific recovery technologies such as VMware Site Recovery Manager.

Data Protection

Data Protection

Powerful, reliable backup and recovery
HPE’s backup and recovery offerings protect organizational data - from the smallest to the most complex IT environments - with low cost, high performance solutions.

3PAR Flash-Integrated Data Protection
HPE RMC integrates HPE 3PAR All-Flash Arrays with HPE StoreOnce Systems to provide a converged availability, replication and backup service optimized for flash environments. It augments traditional backup approaches, combining the performance of 3PAR snapshots with the protection of StoreOnce backups.

Comprehensive Data and App Availability
Integrating Veeam’s Availability solutions with flash-optimized HPE 3PAR StoreServ and HPE StoreVirtual Storage, coupled with HPE StoreOnce Systems and HPE StoreEver Tape for data protection provides comprehensive data and application availability.

Long Term Data Retention

Long Term Data Retention

Access more data - longer, for less
80% of data is rarely accessed after 90 days of creation. However, the data’s business value means it still has to be retained and readily available. New HPE StoreEver tape storage solutions meet this challenge head on, enabling simplified management and scalability, low cost and reliable long-term retention.

The new HPE TFinity ExaScale Edition’s space-saving design, high-density architecture, and seamless scalability combine to produce the highest capacity tape library in the world. The new HPE T950 library leads the field in innovation - from the greatest storage density to proactive media management always protecting your data. HPE StoreEver Archive Manager is an intelligent archive workflow solution that combines the accessibility of disk with the economics and protection of tape.


Faster HPE 3PAR flash-integrated data protection with HPE RMC compared to traditional backup methods.


Reduced storage requirements for backups—guaranteed.

801 PB

Capacity in standalone tape drives and libraries in a single system.

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Contrary to any misconception that tape is unreliable, slow, and simply overlooked as a modern storage technology, ESG is pleased to report that LTO tape is thriving and has a bright future in organizations of all sizes, including some of the largest public cloud providers on the planet.

"LTO for the Next-generation Data Center” (ESG Lab Review, November 2015)


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